Customized  Calendars are also available. (additional or different information such as your address, contact information, sayings, etc.)  Please contact us at the addresses to the right for more details.
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Scriptural Astronomy Product Descriptions

 and suggested donations

Ezekiel's Agrarian Lunar Calendar April 2005 -March 2006.
12 page spiral bound flip calendar with cover.

  • Phases of moon
  • Feasts and Sabbaths
  • Perigee, Apogee
  • Northern, Southern, and Equatorial passage of moon
  • Six Solar points of year
  • Spiral bound, 8.5 x 11 white pages / green cover
  • Sturdy pages suitable for note taking
  • Lunar and Torah related Scriptures
  • When hanging, bottom page has one lunar month
  • Commercial months which correspond are on top page
  • All calculations based on Central Time Zone North America
  • Key for easy reference on each page
Suggested Donations:  (Seriously, feel free to donate more if you think this ministry is worth expanding.  Shipping costs are included in estimate of our costs.)
$13.00 per spiral bound 12 page flip calendar
$30.00 Customizing the flip calendar  (different contact information, Other Scripture verses / sayings etc., monthly meetings, etc.)
$7.00  Customizing a "mini - calendar" (8.5 x 11) someone's contact information, new title, and saying / Scripture verse.

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